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About Us

Youth Helping Youth

Our Courage is a student-run initiative that shares inspirational Kiwis’ experiences with mental health, stress, and pressure. Via Zoom, we talk to a diverse range of amazing people, ranging from broadcasters to sportspeople to politicians.

We hope that these interviews will encourage more young New Zealanders to talk about their mental health, speak up if they are struggling, and check in with friends to see that they are okay. When people see Black Caps, Silver Ferns and radio hosts being open about their own headspace, it normalises these types of discussions and shows that vulnerability is a sign of strength not weakness.


Talking about personal difficulties isn’t always easy, but it is nonetheless important particularly in a Covid-19 environment where many people face increased uncertainty and instability. In some cases, a conversation may be all that we needed whilst in others, a conversation may be the start of a larger journey to get help.

Thanks to Dominion Constructors Ltd for your support of the initiative!

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